• Tajik Air - Dushanbe Flight Welcome to Aerospace One AEROSPACE ONE is premier multi-product, organization with dedicated professionals drawn from different walks of life working for a common objective - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. With its headquarters in New Delhi, India, Aerospace has its offices/associates in Moscow and Dubai.
  • Air Cargo Air Cargo Services Aerospace One has been an active operator in the air-cargo market, using leased aircrafts as well as its own to transport dry cargo, emergency assistance, and livestock on either ACMI or full-chartered basis from the Central Asia and Indo-china regions to the Middle-East and the Gulf.
  • Ground Handling Ground Handling We offer our services, our proficiency and our occurrence in such varied areas as ground-handling. The Company provisions a full range of ground support services for passenger and cargo aircrafts. Aerospace One is devoted to incessantly producing the most professional ground services, through its network of partners and local agents at selected airports, that is competent, secure and punctual.
  • Charter Sale Charter Lease Aerospace One specializes in Charter, Sale of passenger and cargo aircrafts, helicopters and executive jets. If it has to do with Charter flight services, Sale of aircraft we know what to do, where to get it and how to offer the best deal.
  • Flight Consulting Advisory and Consulting We offer an expansive range of incorporated services & solutions to business owners, and corporations. No matter what expertise you need, we are set to scrutinize your opportunities and build up a strategy for greater success. We seek to serve our clients as the most trusted external consultant on the greatest challenges facing your company.
  • Travel and Tours Travel & Tourism Aerospace One organizes group tours to famous religious destinations as well as vacation hotspots. These include tours from the South Asian, Central Asian, and the Middle-Eastern countries to the holy sites and landmark locations in the India.
  • Flight Planning, Clearance, Refuelling Aviation Support Our Aviation Support Services include: preparation of Flight Plans, Securing Flight Permits and Clearances for landing in IGI Airport, Ground Handling and Refueling (at Selected Airports).

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About Aerospace One

AEROSPACE ONE as a non-scheduled Cargo Charter operator & Ground Handling agency, duly approved and accredited by the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) & Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, promoted by persons having rich aviation experience, Aerospace boasts of trouble free and timely personalized services with the help of dedicated team of professionals working tirelessly 24 hours a day,365 days a year.

Dushanbe Flight


We provide Dushanbe-Delhi-Dushanbe Flight. We specialize in providing the services like Air Cargo Services, Charter Lease, Aviation Support Services, Ground Handling, Travel & Tourism, Advisory & Consulting.

International Partners

Our International Partners

Aerospace One founders have a wide network of international partners and operators.
Tajik Air - Tajikistan (Passenger)
Korean Air - (Cargo)